Spring is here and typically with warmer weather the number of pet parasites will be on the rise. Fleas and the associated skin allergy are by far the most common parasite problem we see at our clinic. A single flea bite can make a pet scratch for weeks. Redness and hair loss over the rump are common signs in dogs. Cats tend more to over-groom. The best treatment is one of the excellent chews or spot-ons available from your vet clinic. Your vet can also prescribe medications to help relieve allergy symptoms if needed. Old fashion products such as powders, collars and shampoos are quite ineffective and are not recommended for allergic pets. Spring can also be the time pets suffer from a heavy burden of intestinal worms. Signs include weight loss, diarrhoea and sometimes blood in the poo. Puppies and kittens should be wormed every few weeks while adult pets should be treated at least every three months for their exact body weight. Dogs are also recommended to be protected from heartworm disease, which can be easily done by a once a year injection with your vet at vaccination time. So to do the best by your pets, ensure year round, regular parasite control for every member of the household.