Summer is a great time of year to spend more time with your pets and is also a busy time for vets seeing a range of summer related health problems.

Our clinic has already treated several dogs with grass seeds lodged in their feet and ears. Removal may require surgery, then antibiotics and pain relief, so check your pets coat regularly for seeds. Another tip is to have your pets coat clipped short for summer and avoid walking your dog in long dry grass.

Summer is a common time for dogs and cats to be bitten by snakes, with Wyndham home to both Tiger and Brown snakes. This is a life threatening emergency and veterinary attention should be sought immediately. Signs of snake bite include vomiting, collapse and breathing difficulty. Treatment involves providing anti-venom as well as fluid therapy and oxygen for shock. It is best to keep dogs on lead around long grass or near rivers on warm days.

Heatstroke and sunburn can also result from hot summer days. Heat affected pets may collapse, pant and develop red coloured gums. Again seek veterinary attention urgently. Always ensure pets have shade and water and small pets such as rabbits should be kept inside on hot days. Pets who sunbake can develop skin cancer just like us, so keep pets in a shaded yard and apply pet sunscreen regularly. Remember not to exercise pets in the heat or ever leave pets in the car even for a short time. Breeds with short noses, such as Biscuit the Pug, can be especially at risk!