Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular in Australia as the benefits of covering pets against illnesses and accidents are recognised. Pet Insurance offers you peace of mind as unexpected medical costs for your pet can be several hundreds to thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, many pets are euthanased each year as owners are unable to meet these unexpected costs. There are several companies that offer pet insurance so ensure you research and find one that suits your pets and your requirements. Individual schemes vary in the type of procedures covered and exclusions may apply including breeding and medical diets, but accidents and illnesses are covered. So if your dog breaks a leg, or your cat develops kidney failure, a large percentage of costs will be reimbursed. After paying your account to your veterinarian, you submit a claim to the insurance company, who will reimburse you up to 80% of the total. Some policies have an excess and an annual limit you can claim. You cannot claim for pre-existing illnesses, and most have an age limit for the pet for new policies (eg pet must be under 8-12 years to start a policy). Costs vary on the type of cover you choose, just like for our own medical insurance so again do your research to find the best plan.