Spring is here and so is cat breeding season again. This not only means litters of stray and abandoned kittens but also a rise in neighbourhood cats fighting. While a cat bite abscess may improve with a visit to the vet and a course of antibiotics, unfortunately the viral diseases associated with fighting may be with your cat for life. One of these is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), also known as Feline Aids. FIV affects the immune system causing fever, weight loss, oral disease and chronic infections over months or years. Cat owners should discuss with their vet if extra FIV vaccinations are a good idea for their cat. This is also the time to ensure both male and female cats have been desexed.

Cats are able to breed from as young as 4-5 months of age so should not be let outside until after their de-sexing operation. De-sexing male cats will also reduce the spraying of urine and help reduce the fighting problem. There are a huge number of unwanted kittens and stray cats on our streets and to address this problem the Wyndham Council is currently promoting desexing, microchipping and registration at a reduced fee via our Clinic. Wyndham cat owners can contact us on 97486644 for more information on this fantastic promotion. This is “Cooper” the gorgeous Scottish Fold cat who has been desexed and microchipped at our clinic under this scheme.