Spring is here and so is cat breeding season again. This means litters of abandoned kittens are sadly at risk of being euthanased by overcrowded shelters. It also means increased cat fights and spread of diseases such as Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). The answer lies in responsible cat ownership, in particular desexing of both male and female cats. Cats are able to breed from as young as a few months of age, and females can become pregnant again only weeks after having a litter. The result is multiplying numbers of unwanted kittens and unhealthy stray cats on our streets. We advise that kittens be kept strictly indoors until desexing is performed at 4-6 months of age. Desexing cats also provides other health and behavioural benefits such as reducing the incidence of spraying, fighting, viral diseases and reproductive cancers in cats. Our vet clinic and the Wyndham Council promote desexing of both cats and dogs at a reduced fee if vaccinated, microchipped and registered. Wyndham pet owners should contact us for more information on a voucher to put towards desexing their pet. This is “Pixie” the 11yo Devon Rex who lives indoors and was speyed as a kitten.