Coping with the loss of a pet is the most difficult aspect of owning an animal and one of the hardest parts about being a vet and vet nurse.

Recently our clinic has sadly said a final goodbye to several of our very special long term patients. This includes 15 year old Cavalier Darcy owned by our nurse Karen.

The decision for euthanasia is usually due to a pets deteriorating quality of life or when medical treatment options have been exhausted. Our patients are all dear to us and when the time comes for euthanasia we ensure the pet passes in a peaceful and painless manner. The family can be present with their pet and then spend time afterwards to say goodbye. Vet clinics offer a burial service or alternatively cremation so the pets’ ashes can be kept at home or scattered somewhere special.

Pets truly do provide us with unconditional love and for this reason their loss is as painful as the death of any family member. It is important to allow plenty of time for both yourself and the other pets at home to mourn. Pet grief counsellors can provide additional support if needed. For some owners, acquiring a new puppy or kitten may bring comfort, however for others this may not be considered for some time.

Always remember that your life is amazingly richer because of the time that you shared with your pet.