Each year vet clinics deal with numerous lost dogs and cats either via phone calls from distressed owners missing their pet or with finders who do the right thing and present stray animals to their local clinic. So what are the best ways to prevent your pet from becoming lost permanently? It is vitally important to have your pet microchipped! Safe, inexpensive and legally required for all new pets in Victoria, microchipping is the best way to identify your pet permanently. All stray pets are scanned for a microchip by vet clinics, the council pounds and shelters. We can then contact a 24 hr microchip register to retrieve the owners details. Always update your pets microchip details any time you change address or phone number. Pets will also benefit from an identifying collar and pet tag. Have your phone number and details (and your vet clinic too if you like) engraved on a tag. While less permanent than a microchip, the finder of your pet will know it is owned and loved and can contact you as soon as possible. Attach your council registration tag too for further information. We also recommend secure gates and fencing, desexing of both male and female pets to reduce roaming behaviour and boarding your pets when on holidays to ensure they stay safe and secure. This is Bonnie the cat who was microchipped at The Hoppers Crossing Vet Clinic this week.