Does your dog or cat need to go on a diet as its New Years resolution? The disturbing fact is that 30-40% of pets are overweight. When in ideal body condition you should be able to feel your pets ribs easily and see a definite ‘waist’. Certain breeds such as Labradors and Pugs tend to become overweight commonly. If your pet is too chubby then consult your veterinary team for a weight loss program. After determining your pets target weight, we advise how much to feed and schedule regular weigh-ins. To achieve weight loss you need to cut out any left overs and avoid treats and fatty bones that contain lots of calories. A measured amount of low calorie food should be offered in two small meals. Prescription weight control diets are fully balanced, filling for your pet and designed to achieve weight loss steadily. Exercise is also vital so aim for daily walks that increase in length as both you and your pet become fitter. Cats are more difficult to exercise but many love chasing toys around the house. Happy New Year from all the Team at The Hopppers Crossing Veterinary Clinic celebrating our 20th Year of caring for your pets in 2014. This is Lori, our vet Dr Roslyn’s Labrador puppy who will have her weight regularly kept in check.