Diagnostic Facilities


At the Hoppers Crossing Veterinary Clinic, we have the facilities to diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions in your pet. These conditions include diabetes, pancreatitis, cushing's disease, cancer, renal failure, liver failure, urinary tract infections and heart failure. Below are some examples of in-house diagnostic facilities that we can use when necessary:


We have a new digital radiology unit that we can use to take radiographs of your pet. Radiographs are useful for diagnosing broken bones and lameness, intestinal blockages, confirming pregnancy, and diagnosing heart disease. By going digital we can now send images via email, burn them onto a CD or upload them onto a USB stick so that clients can take images home with them.










We have an ultrasound machine that we can use to investigate disease in your pet and to help diagnose pregnancy. This image was taken by Dr Veronica Damian who diagnosed an infected uterus (pyometra) in in this dog.










We also provide in house pathology for blood, ear, skin, lump and urine samples so that we can have answers to medical questions more quickly. We have recently upgraded our in house blood monitoring machine and can get blood results within 20 minutes.