Saying goodbye to your Pet

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Coping with the loss of a dog or cat is the most difficult aspect of owning a pet and one of the hardest aspects about being a vet and vet nurse. This week our clinic has said a sad goodbye to several patients who we have known for over 14 years each. Euthanasia is usually decided based on an animals deteriorating quality of life or when medical treatment options have been exhausted. Our owners and their animals are part of our family too and when the time comes for a pet to be put to sleep we ensure animals pass in a peaceful and painless manner. Pets truly do provide us with unconditional love and are a faithful long term companion. For this reason the loss of a pet is as painful as the death of any family member. Many people choose to have their pet cremated so their ashes can be kept close by or scattered somewhere special. Surround yourself with friends and family and share your memories about your pet. Pet grief counsellors can provide additional support. Allow plenty of time for both yourself and the other pets at home to mourn and possibly consider taking on a new puppy or kitten when you feel you are ready. Always remember that your life is amazingly richer because of the time that you shared with your pet. This is Millie sharing some love with Bailey the Birman kitten at our clinic.

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